NorthWest Network

   Instructional Designers, Technical Writers, Performance Technologist

Who we are

The NorthWest Network is open to anyone looking for a safe, professional home to pursue new skills and personal development. Most members are independent freelancers or own small consulting practices. A few members work full-time in a training or learning development capacity; have previously worked as an independent contractors; or are in transition and considering pursing a career as an independent contractors. 

Some NorthWest Network members  contract through staffing agents or vendors while others prefer to sell or work directly with the client. For this reason, representatives of staffing agents and vendors typically are not members of this organization but are free to contact any of our members listed in the Directory or to request to attend a meeting to introduce your organization to the group. 

Membership Dues 

The NorthWest Network makes every effort to operate on a break-even basis. Membership dues are used to pay for the website subscription, meeting rooms and refreshments. Any overage in operating expense is absorbed by the sponsor or covered through individual donations by network members. 

Annual dues are collected in January. Meeting fees are collected at each meeting to cover the cost of the meeting room and refreshments.

  • Dues for new members joining between January and June $45
  • Dues for new members joining between July and December $25
  • Membership renewals to remain active must be paid in Q1. $45
  • Member meeting fee $  5
  • Non-member meeting fee $10
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The NorthWest Network is a non-profit networking organization. 
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