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About the NorthWest Network


In July of 1994, a small group of independent instructional designers met for breakfast, hosted by Becky Lucas. Each had felt the need to make a connection and to seek out other professionals who shared similar values: openness, helpfulness, flexibility, non-competitiveness, and a willingness to share. From that meeting, the spirit of a very special group was formed.

The NorthWest Network is now comprised of instructional designers, technical writers, e-learning developers and performance consultants. Becky Lucas continues to sponsor and provide leadership to the group. 

The Principle of Contribution

The goal of the NorthWest network is to be self-directed. To that end, one of the driving principles of the group comes from David McNally, author of Even Eagles Need a Push

"Your rewards in life will be in direct proportion to the contributions you make."   

Consequently each member contributes to the continued success of the group. There are many ways to contribute to the professional growth and support of colleagues. 

  • Attend meetings whenever you can.
  • Invite others to attend as your guest.
  • Volunteer to facilitate a meeting or serve as a greeter.
  • Help find a speaker from among your personal network
  • Bring a good book to share or share other resources you find helpful.
  • Share the victories and defeats of being an independent consultant and working out of your home.
  • Encourage others to take risks and try new things.
  • Give a presentation - just for practice.
  • Share in the education and growth of others.
  • Be a mentor to someone just starting out or in transition
  • Contribute time and additional financial resources to support the expansion of the group.

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