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About the NorthWest Network

Historical Perspective

In July of 1994, a small group of professionals from the Chicago northern and western suburbs met for breakfast at the Mill Rose Brewing Company Restaurant in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  Each had independently felt a need to make a connection and to seek out other professionals who shared similar values: openness, helpfulness, flexibility, non-competitiveness, and willingness to share. They were also looking for a structure that would not put additional stress or pressure on their already busy lives. From that meeting, the spirit of a very special group was formed: The NorthWest Network.

Organizational Structure

The NorthWest Network was the brainchild of Becky Lucas, Training Partners Plus, Inc., who hosted the first meeting in 1994 and continues to sponsor and provide leadership to the group. The goal of the NorthWest Network is to be self-directed. Each member contributes to the continued success of the group.  Members volunteer to facilitate meetings, serve as greeters, or help with special network projects.


Meetings are held on the third Saturday of January, March, May, July, September, and November from 9:00 am to 11:30 am; see the Calendar for the dates and topics.  Most meetings continue to be held at the Mill Rose Brewing Company Restaurant; driving direction are on the Calendar page. The July meeting each year is the founder’s day meeting. In this meeting, members assess and evaluate the prior year as well as plan for the next year.

Principal of Contribution

One secret of good networking is that the more you put into the network, the more you get back. Consequently, one of the underlying principles driving the NorthWest Network comes from David McNally, author of Even Eagles Need a Push,

  “Your rewards in life will be in direct proportion to the contribution you make.”

There are many ways to contribute in the professional growth and support of fellow consultants:
   » Attend meetings whenever you can
   » Volunteer to host a meeting or social event or outing
   » Bring a good book to share
   » Share the victories and defeats of being an independent consultant and/or working out of your home>
   » Encourage others to take risks and try new things
   » Give a presentation -- just for practice
   » Share in the education and growth of others
   » Contribute time or additional financial resources to support the expansion of the group.

Membership Dues and Other Fees

The NorthWest Network makes every effort to operate on a break-even basis. Any overage in operating expense is absorbed by the sponsor, Training Partners Plus, Inc., or through additional individual contributions by network members. Annual dues are collected in January. The web link fee is typically paid at that time. Each meeting carries a fee to pay for the meeting room and the breakfast meal that is included. Expo fees are paid only by those participating in the expo.

Membership Dues
   » New members joining between January and June $35.00
   » New members joining between July and December $20.00
   » Membership renewals (Regardless of the month in which paid.) $35.00
Web Link Fee (to link to a member's web site) $10.00
Breakfast Meeting Fees
   » Member $10.00
   » Non-member $15.00


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